Corvette Owners Club of Houston

Member of the Month: DECEMBER 2014

Mack Stringfield

Hello all from London in the United Kingdom. Land of right hand drive. Being selected as COCH Member of the Month for December, 2014, was overwhelming and most surprising. Many of you contribute much more to the Club. The honor is much appreciated. Best Wishes to you all and safe travels wherever your seasonal celebrations take you. 


Congratulations to us all as we own and drive the most fun and grandest domestically produced road car ever. The photos of my 2010 C6 coupe were taken in October departing my residence on a seven day road trip to San Diego, California. Looking normal and unseen, the car contains a suitcase, hangup clothes, golf bag, clubs with all accessories, shoe bag, 35mm slide projector, slide trays, car products and some stuff I forget. The car PERFORMED flawlessly and averaged 25 mpg for the entire 3800 mile trip. What a car.