Corvette Owners Club of Houston

Member of the Month: MARCH 2015

James and Lydia Spencer

Just wanted to start by saying Thank You for selecting us as members of the month and allowing us to be part of this wonderful club.  We have enjoyed attending the events and meeting people with the same passion for cars.


My love for cars started at an early age from growing up around my grandfather and his devotion to a Vintage/Classic Car Club.  His cars included the following models: 1928 Ford Model T, 1939 Ford Coupe, 1949 Ford Convertible, 1963 Ford Thunderbird, and a 1969 Triumph Roadster.  Plus all the cars from the other members of his clubs.  We took tours all around the United States and the best part was hearing the stories from people who owned the same cars at some part of their life.


This passion grew and grew my entire life and I was so good with knowing cars; I named off cars as a child based on their headlights or taillights.  My first car was my fathers 1989 Chevy Stepside 1500 truck.  I replaced the motor with a 69 Camaro RS 5.7litre with a 4 bolt main, 3500rpm stall, racing transmission and 4.11:1 gear ratio in the rear.  I went through 2 engines, 1 rear end and 1 transmission during the life of the truck, but enjoyed every minute of working on it and driving it.


Later on I continued the love for fast cars and decided to purchase a 2002 Trans Am WS6 with Black/Black combination, 6 speed, T-Tops and Ram Air.  I continued to modify it and about the only thing that could take the car at racing was a couple Corvette Z06s I had lined up against.  Also, found a deal on a 1979 Trans Am with a Pontiac 400 for 2000.00 off eBay and bought a toy.  Due to a career decision to move to the oil fields in Wyoming I had to sell both cars and drive trucks due to weather and climate conditions.


But because of the sacrifice I made at the time, once I moved back and settled into a sales position I was able to purchase another sports car.  Remembering back to the Corvette Z06s that whipped my butt before I decided to shop around for a C6 Z06 with the LS7 motor.  I had never before driven a car that handled so well and do not think I will ever go away from the Corvette.  Already making plans for the next one and possibly one for the wife as well.


Wanting to meet people with the same passion and enjoy events, cruises and car shows we started looking for a good corvette car club.  We attended a couple different meetings at different clubs.  We were invited to events and so forth but the people were not very friendly and some of the clubs seemed like they had little social groups.  Then we attended a meeting at COCH and immediately the people were very nice and we felt accepted in the club immediately.  This sold us on which club to join.  So here we are are and we are honored to be members of this great club!