Corvette Owners Club of Houston

Member of the Month: June 2015

Tony & Jennifer Jimemez

Thank you COCH for choosing us as being Members of the Month, what a great honor. We have been COCH members for a little over 5 years now after we bought a pre-owned 07 Velocity Yellow convertible. Over the years we have met several great people and have had lots of fun going on rides, meets and doing car shows with COCH all over helping several great charities. After the C7 Corvette came out we made the mistake on a nice, sunny Saturday with the top down of going to look at them up close at Classic Chevrolet. Joe got me with an available, on the showroom floor, 2014 Velocity Yellow convertible Z51 with all of the bells and whistles I was looking for that we just couldn't say no to. So on that sunny Saturday afternoon in October, 2014, we brought home our first "new" of the 3 corvettes we have owned and have loved every minute of it. Mods done (so far) are: changed out all chrome badges to carbon flash, changed out factory grill to a 2015 Z06 grill, added a 2015 Z06 front splitter carbon flash and changed out my factory black Z51 wheels for custom made Black with Velocity Yellow accents Asanti wheels. Getting complements on the car every time we are out never gets old. Thanks again for choosing us as COCH Members of the Month. As I like to say - If you don't look back at your car once you have parked it, you bought the wrong car....just saying!!! CORVETTES ROCK!!! 

Tony & Jennifer Jimenez