Corvette Owners Club of Houston

Member of the Month: August 2015

Mark & Darline Merriman

HI Ya'll
Thank you for selecting us as Member of the Month for August 2015. We are members #51
and joined in 2004. We have a 2004 Machine Silver and a 1995 Torch Red
Corvette. In 2004 we were looking for a club to join, we interviewed the
Corvette Clubs in Houston. At a Corvette Show we found "Calvin", he was
sitting on the ground cleaning his rims. { We found our club, COCH }
Anyone that works at cleaning their 'vette is my kind of people. Over the years
we have tried to attend as many club events as we could. The charity work is
important to us. Mark's company has also supported COCH charity's. The
rides that we have hosted and participated in have all been fun. We enjoy the
COCH fellowship and hope to have many more years with our 'vette family.
Thank you again,
Mark & Darline Merriman