Corvette Owners Club of Houston

Member of the Month: August 2017

Richard Carter

My car is an Admiral Blue 2017 2LT Stingray coupe, non Z51, manual transmission.  I picked it up in August of 2016.  I have always liked Corvettes (‘63 split window being my favorite) but somehow ended up with other cars.  My first four cars after graduation from A&M were: a 1975 AMC Javelin, 1982 Toyota Supra, 1986 Toyota Supra and 1991 Ford Thunderbird – all with manual transmissions.  Then family got me family cars with automatics until I was able to get the Corvette last year.

One of the features that really sold me on the C7 was the rear end treatment (heresy, I know).  So many cars look like the back was done as an afterthought.  You can also tell I am a child of the 60’s/70’s because I prefer a wing spoiler to a blade spoiler.  A friend and I installed it ourselves; not a simple process but fun to do.

My first real outing on a track at MSR Angleton and I got hooked.  Went to the Ron Fellows school in June and am now looking for more track time. I really love the car and enjoy being part of the club.  The runs, social gatherings and car shows are fun but I also appreciate the charitable work the club does.  Looking forward to many more years.


Note from COCH: Richard is being recognized this month for his contributions to COCH. His photos and videos of shows and club events have been outstanding and we have all enjoyed them very much.