Corvette Owners Club of Houston

Member of the Month: January 2018

George & Denise McDaniel

We had a 2011 coupe that we were totally pleased with.  One day after the 2014's came out, I dropped in at my dealer's to get a closer look at them.  I spotted this red roadster near the door and knew right then I just had to have it!!  That afternoon we were driving it home.  A complete impulse buy.  It is a red standard roadster with black top and a number of goodies inside.  We have never been so pleased with a car.  In the ensuing months, we won best in class in the first 6 shows we entered, including Corvette Expo, where we also won the President's award.  Three and a half years and 16,000 miles later we still love it and love to drive it around.  It still draws lots of admiring stares and comments.