Corvette Owners Club of Houston

Member of the Year 2007

Bob & Kathy Tautkus

We purchased our 2004 Corvette on our 25th Wedding Anniversary which was 12/15/2004.  We attended the "Corvette Owners Club of Houston" meeting in January 2005 and at the end of the meeting we joined. We were impressed by Calvin's dedication, enthusiasm and eagerness to help those in need.  Kathy became the Secretary of the Club in August 2005.  I thoroughly enjoy the Car Shows, the "Rides", and the camaraderie.  Kathy enjoys helping and organizing others. Taking gifts to the families at Christmastime, going to the Ronald McDonald House, and the Galveston and Brenham rides were some of our favorite events this year. Looking forward to many years with the Club and our Corvette. Thank you, Calvin.

Bob & Kathy Tautkus' 2004 Corvette